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Monday, October 31, 2005

Look What You've Done

If this had happened a year ago, I probably wouldn't have cared. But since I had a Government class last Fall that taught me just how much power the U.S. Supreme Court has right now (it's actually kinda scary), it has a little more meaning to me. I'm very glad that Miers withdrew her nomination, as she was just a fortunate daughter of the Bush administration with no real experience. I think the new guy will be fine, however. I lean to the left myself, but I don't really categorize myself as anything. I disagree and agree with all the parties usually pretty equally.

It's also kind of nice to see 'Bush and Friends' in so much trouble over the past week, as really, they're getting worse and worse. I hope everybody that voted Bush in and also thinks that Adam and Eve rode to church on dinosaurs is happy with thier choice. (I know, that's funny isn't it? It's Tina Fey's.) I also think it proves how ignorant the public has really become. We were given fair warning in the first four years as to exactly how bad the administration really is, and we seemed to find it fitting to give them a second chance anyways. Not only is the country not going to be in the black, like, ever again.. Not only have we lost over 2,000 guys in a venture that's based on false pretenses.. (see under Libby, Scooter & Rove, Karl) Not only have hundreds died in New Orleans because of ill-prepared disaster relief that was supposed to be beefed up after 9/11...

I mean I could go on. Certianly, a wild night with an intern seems trivial compared to all that.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween Party

In other news, we had a really great Halloween party last night here at school...

There are a ton more here too.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Braves in Review

So now that baseball is done and over with since the White Sox have won, I assume that the time is right to do a postmortem for the Brave's season. I'm not ashamed that they didn't make it deep into the postseason again, in fact I'm quite proud that the streak continues, again with a completely different cast. I just hope that the guys who were rookies this year, who won't be rookies next year, continue to be a part of said cast for a very long time.

So here's a rundown of the games that I attended this year:

July 27 vs. Washington - This was a day game that had a suprisingly good crowd, although not really near sellout capacity. The Braves had beaten the Nationals the previous day, and were now one game ahead in the standings. This was also a huge game as it was Jeff Francouer's double home run game. As expected, I was able to sneak down from my horriffic seats to near the left field after the fifth inning as well. I've since come to the conclusion that Turner Field ushers don't really care about this if you aren't taking someone's seat and do it at least after the fifth inning.

July 28 vs. Washington - The Braves won this one as well, although the high point of this game was getting to sit very near home plate. Around fifteen rows back actually. I hadn't sit that close in a long time, and it was a big thrill. Night game as well, I don't get the chance to see those very often as I live around five hours from Atlanta.

Oct. 6 vs. Houston - The seats weren't as great, and I wasn't able to scoot down either because it was a sellout. But that didn't matter as it was Smoltz. vs. Clemens. Something I'll never forget as long as I live. Granted, that was the only game of that series the Braves won, but it was darn special. I've never seen a crowd get into a game like that in Atlanta. Even though the Braves got put out by the Astros, that one game redeemed the entire season for me. To hear the ovation for Smoltz striking out the side or for Kelly Johnson going yard against Clemens was that of hearing the ocean for the first time. You knew at that moment that you were in the only place in the world you wanted to be at that very minute.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hurting Bad

A few weeks ago I had talked about how I was going to go to counseling for some help. I never really got around to it because by the time I was scheduled to go in, I was feeling much better. That's mostly attributed to the fact that Sharla came to visit me right after the time that I was supposed to go, so I felt like there was really no need of my going anymore. Here it is around two weeks later and I feel worse than I did at that point.

I don't know what it is, it's partially what I was talking about earlier today. Mostly because absolutely nothing seems to be going my way at all, and I am really losing grip on myself. I just really have no clue how to handle it or myself. The only time that I am ever truly happy is when I am vegged out in front of a non-class-related book or the TV. Or asleep. And afterwards, I feel guilty that I'm not doing things that I should be doing. But I can't do those things. I can't concentrate on anything. Over the past month, during my inability to cope with all this, my attention span has gotten shorter and shorter. And I become increasingly frustrated about it, which causes everything to build upon itself.

Unfortunately, my time that I'm supposed to come in for counseling isn't until over a week from now. By which, I'll probably feel temporarily better or my explosion point would have already occured. And I know it is, I can feel it coming and I know there isn't much I can do about it other than hope I won't completly self-implode.

Not The Same

I'm often envious of myself in the past. I always see the me of three or five years as a "better" or more "fun" person than I am today. But I think I've moven on from that and have seen that's just not the case at all. When I thought that those times were better, I probably just did it for nostalgia reasons and couldn't really find a firm grasp of appreciating what today has.

Those times were trivial anyways. I thought social problems were the end-all-be-all. I thought because I had trouble with friends or never seemed to be fully understood or accepted, I was a total loser and let myself always become deeply depressed by it. That seems so naive when I've got problems today like doing term papers on time and a car battery that constantly goes dead. Granted, I do find problems socially sometimes, but it has more to do with image than being accepted. I don't really wish to be accepted as part of any group, but I wish to be seen as trustworthy, witty, whatever.

Truth be told, I don't even know who I am or even care. I don't think I even did then, I just pretended to so that I would fit in. I've never known my place, nor do I think that I ever will.

Monday, October 24, 2005

You've Been Listed!

So for no reason in paticular, I decided to make a partial list of my favorite people. Probably because I've been trolling around on people's MySpace accounts and saw similar lists. But I never really cared for MySpace, yet like a lot of the people who use it anyways, and ohboy I don't really want to continue this train of thought...

1. Sharla. Duh.
2. Brian. Because every time we do something, I know I shouldn't. But after we've done it, I'm glad I did.
3. Julie. Because she proves that the Mavericks still exist. And that they are budding psychologists.
4. Jonathan. Whom which guys nights out are incomplete without.
5. Jenni. Because there always needs to be someone to bug and hug at the same time.

I really hate the idea of everything becoming pop-cultured and listed, and yet I've done it here. I justify it by saying this has actual substance. Actually, I'm just annoyed that everyone on that list is out of contact as of the moment.

Hoorah for L.A.!

I found out last week that I'm likely going to be able to go to L.A. in March, which is of course cool. I'm sometimes ashamed to say it, but the farthest I have ever been away from home is San Antonio, Texas. And then the farthest I've ever been out on my own is Indianapolis for Celebration III. If it works out, I'll be able to go with some of the people with the Exponent, the student paper that I write for on a semi-usual basis. Of course, I'd attend the convention that we'd be going for for a day, or day and a half, but we would have a day to do whatever we'd like. Which would be the other cool part.

It would be way too early to go see a Dodgers game, but right on time to go see the Lakers if I wanted to. But NBA tickets are insanely expensive for some reason, so I don't really know. But rest assured there must be something cool to do there while I visit. So hoorah for Los Angeles!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

40 Things

I've recently begun my blog anew after posting for over four years to the old one. I am probably going to eventually upload the old one into an archive of sorts just for nostalgia reasons, but for all means and purposes, it's gone, and this is here now. Considering that the old one goes back to my 11th grade year of high school, and I'm now a Junior in college, the page needed to be turned anyways.

So, to introduce potential new readers to the blog, I'm going to introduce you to myself in an often-overused sort of way (actually mostly ripped off from Matt of Impending Distractions). So here's 40 thinigs about me you may or may not know.

1. I was born in Tuscumbia in Hellen Keller Hospital.

2. I've lived in Northwest Alabama nearly all my lived until I moved to Huntsville to...

3. ...attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville...

4. ..where I am majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in Computer Mediated Communications.

5. I want to be a web producer (different from a designer) for an entertainment company of some sort after I graduate.

6. The longest trips I've made (so far) were to either San Antonio or Indianapolis.

7. I've never been out of the country, but would love to.

8. I am engaged to the hottest dork in the world named Sharla.

9. We met in Birmingham in the Spring of 2001 on a school trip.

10. I am the oldest of three kids.

11. My family lives in Belgreen, Alabama. Which in connection with Russellville, I claim as my hometown.

12. I have a love/hate relationship with my hometown.

13. I love the laid-back atmoshphere and some of the local features and charecters...

14. ....but hate some of the narrow way of thinking and lack of any real jobs.

15. My first job was working as a "tech boy" at my old county school system. If there was anything to be done about anything technological, I was on top of it.

16. During that time, I attended Northwest Shoals Community College.

17. My second job was a short-lived stint as an unglorified lab assistant at a UAH department.

18. I plan to keep my job that I have now for a long time, I am a web designer for UAH Career Services.

19. It's the coolest job I've had so far.

20. I'm president of the NCRH II Hall Council here at school. It has its moments.

21. I'm also president of the New Media Consortium at school. It has its moments, but more rewards.

22. I write for the school paper, The Exponent.

23. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that The Empire Strikes Back is the pinnacle of all art forms.

24. I attended both Star Wars Celebration II and III in Indianapolis.

25. I buck the trend of Star Wars fans, in that I mostly appreciate it for retro factors, the story, and the fellowship of other fans that enjoy it. Not for wierd reasons like Expanded Universe or RPG's.

26. I've been noted for having a loose resemblance to Hayden Christnensen. (Even by Anthony Daniels.)

27. I've read Lord of The Rings once a year every year since 2001.

28. I can't seem to get my way through the entirety of The Silmarillion. Though I love the parts I can get through.

29. I was best actor in my senior play in high school.

30. My favorite band is U2.

31. One of my other favorite bands is Third Eye Blind.

32. I finally got to see them in a free concert in Decatur on the Fourth of July in 2003.

33. My favorite TV show is Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

34. I have an XBox and a Gamecube and play them religiously.

35. My favorite respective games are Star Wars Battlefront and Metroid Prime 2.

36. I drive a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire.

37. I'd really love to visit Ireland and New Zealand.

38. I have a Star Wars action figure worth around $400. Although I paid $4 for it at the time.

39. For reasons unexplained, I love Tom Hanks movies.

40. Life is infinately wierd, but that's what makes it fun.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who are you, really?

It's funny how after you've been at colege for quite a while, some things begin to become more apparant. For instance, how overly seriously some people tend to take themselves. For example, take a certain news editor (please). (S)he tends to make his or her job much more complicated than it should be, therefore making the process harder than it should be for everyone else. The person is also overly strict for a newspaper at a college that doesn't even have a journalism major, citing that biases should remain out, and yet promotes themselves in thier "weekly newsletter" that they are oh so proud of. What's sad is that the person makes it overly obvious that they are a complete two-face, as they are completely sweet and honest in real life, and a complete ass in thier online correspondance.

I see this happen continually with people who gain some sort of responsibility. Not all, though. Most people who gain responsibility at school are those who can completely be trusted and honestly, you couldn't imagine anyone else doing the job. But then there are certain bad apples who seem to have conned and sweet talked thier way into power. Another example; most who gain some sort of chair or office in SGA. They tend to think that whatever they do, as pointless as it may be, is above everyone else. Anything they do, as useless as it may be, is a service to the students, and they deserve to be put on a pedastal while everyone sucks up to them.

Thank goodness these descriptions only apply to a select few. And thank goodness that they are there. They allow me and others to see what not to do and exactly how not to carry ourselves. Perhaps that's why they are there, to serve as examples to the rest of us whom are really carrying thier weight.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Muckity Muck

I really want to get into photography again, but I don't really have a decent camera. I have my Samsung digital camera circa 2002, which is beginning to show it's age very quickly. When asked for hints on Christmas ideas from my parents, I made no hesitation to let them know I'd love to have a new digital camera with a really high pixel count. The camera that I have now is good for snapshots and such, but not for anything else really.

So, I also realized something funny about Huntsville this week. Actually, a lot of things. This is one very odd town. There is no middle class. In fact, if it does indeed exist, it only exists within the school here. One half of town is the literal Ghetto and the other half is Engineerville. Much was to be made of a "social divide" in New Orleans when it sunk, but that't nothing compared to the rift that would be revealed if a disaster were ever to occur here. It's funny how it works too. All of the poor and the muckity muck live within the town in the valley created by the surrounding mountains. The rich live on those mountains. I like it here, but the social divide seems to be widening more and more over time. I doubt I'll stay here for a very extended period after I graduate.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Going Nuts.

I've recently been thinking of checking myself into the counseling office here at school. I don't think that I'm going crazy or anything (just yet), but the stress of things around here is beginning to be too much. Work isn't a big deal, classes are bearable (and sometimes even enjoyable), and the two and a half clubs that I'm in are usually minor trouble.

But the combination of all of those things, and the stress from the clubs in paticular, is getting to be too much. It never was really that much of a problem before, and I've never really felt in over my head. It's just that being pulled in so many different directions, especially from people in organizations who think that just because I'm supposidly responsible they can pile everything they should be doing on me. It's a pretty hefty load of a bit of going crazy.

I think the only thing I'm doing wrong is not handling it right. Hopefully I can get some help with that. Like, real soon.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

No Crying...

If a young man's fancy turns to love in the Spring, surely it turns to baseball in the Fall. Here are my picks for the playoffs..

Yankees vs. Angels
Red Sox vs. White Sox

Braves vs. Astros
Padres vs. Cardinals

I'm going to take the Angels over the Yankees. Other than Rivera, I don't think the Yankees have anyone that can stop thier bats. Vladamir nonwithstanding.

The Red and White Sox is a little harder to call, I think both of those teams are on par with each other. I am not sure who will take that one (I hope it's Boston), but I'll go out on a limb and say that it will go five games.

Braves over Astros. The Braves have a better team than last year and the Astros aren't as good as they were last year. Also, I think that the Atlanta rookies are just cocky enough to not care that Clemens and Pettitte are who they are.

The Padres and Cards series is going to be really interesting. On paper, it looks like St. Louis is going to sweep , but somehow something tells me that the Padres could pull a real shocker.