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Thursday, December 15, 2005

For Sale

Time Warner considers Braves sale

    The possible sale comes as Time Warner (Research) is under pressure from financier Carl Icahn and a group of major shareholders to increase its stagnant share value and possibly break up the company into four parts.

    Kent's statement did not give a reason for the possible sale other than to say, "As a publicly held company, we have a duty to our shareholders to operate in the most effective, efficient, fiscally responsible manner possible. That duty ... may also include making strategic changes to the portfolio of assets that comprise Turner Broadcasting."


    The company sold two other Atlanta sports teams, the National Basketball Association's Hawks and the National Hockey League's Thrashers, for $250 million in September 2003, at a time the corporation was selling assets in an attempt to pay down debt.

    But those two teams were sold at a somewhat distressed price, with the company then known as AOL Time Warner taking a $178 million charge to write down their value. They were also sold at a time that the market was relatively flooded with pro teams for sale, particularly in the NHL.

    Two other media conglomerates, Walt Disney Co. (Research) and Fox Entertainment Group (Research), have sold baseball teams within the last three years.

    The Braves are by far the most valuable and successful of the three. It has won 14 straight division titles, although it has only won one World Series championship during that period, and it has been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs the last four years and five of the six seasons since its 1999 World Series loss.

    Still, the team has won while trimming nearly $20 million, or about 19 percent, off its payroll the last two seasons while seeing attendance rise 5 percent during that time. The team is likely profitable, especially if packaged with the Turner South cable network that carries many of its games.
I don't really know how I feel about this. I certainly don't like the strong notion of treating baseball and the Braves like a business, but then I'm not naive enough to know that it isn't.

If this does happen, it will good in a few ways, bad in some others. Good because AOL Time Warner has become a lifeless hunk of business that in all liklihood doesn't give a flying flip about any baseball team that they own. A high-profile Atlanta businessman who is involved in the community and cares for the club would certianly do better. This happened before with Ted Turner. But he's since gone kinda nuts and sold off much of his Atlanta assets. I'd much prefer it go to a sole owner like him or someone like Arthur Blank rather than some lifeless group or corporation any day.

On the other hand, it would suck because that would indeed finally signal the end of the Turner-Atlanta era. Ever since he lost control of his company, that aspect of the town just dropped down a steep incline downhill. I visited the Turner Studio Office this past spring, and could definately tell that it had turned into a run of the mill corporatized operation. The only aspect of the place that had any individuality or spunk was the Williams Street / Adult Swim building across the street from the place. But then, those guys are so nuts, no one wants to mess with what is going on over there.

In a perfect world, Ted Turner comes back and buys the ballclub back with his own personal assets. But then, most of everyone who worked for him and was loyal to him when he owned half of the town has lost thier jobs and moved on due to the monster that is AOL. I don't know how the club would feel about having him back, but I am pretty sure that the "Braves Nation" who has been around long enough and is well versed enough in tradition would be thrilled to death to have him back in that position. But then that's a perfect world, and that hardly ever comes about.

I suppose that I would prefer that the Braves are sold off, but like I said, only to a sole owner. And one that will let things continue as they are with Cox and Shuerholtz.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Speak the Language

Some of my friends and myself have a running joke between all of us. Though we live in Alabama where such things are sometimes present, there isn't a shred of racism or hatred in any of us. And I can say with full confidence that we try our darndest to not let any Southern blood run too rich and let it become present. But the joke is, sometimes it just isn't a good day for minority groups. Especially then they actively promote whatever kind of stereotype may be present about them.

Case in point today.. A gentleman of obvious Indian heritage calls me at the office. His accent is very think and is hardly understandable at all. He's asking for a simple thing, just our website address. Speaking very clearly and slowly, I tell him the URL five times until he understands. And he has a tone of voice like I have a problem for not getting my message across clearly enough to him. He calls back a second and third time asking questions on how to find things, for reasons I suspect that might have something to do with his obviously not having a firm grasp on the English language. Or at least how to understand it and read it, much less speak it.

What amazes me is that this guy is most likely very intelligent. He was a person of importance at an engineering company, so he has to be. And yet he can't communicate effectively, or at least have the foresight to have someone else do it for him. As cliched as it sounds, I wish people would learn to speak the darn language before attempting to do anything like this. Nope, it just wasn't a good day for his minority group. I hope someone of similar descent comes along and proves that stereotype wrong now.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mason Dixon

You know what's nuts? In around a month, I'm going to get to go to Niagara, New York. Then around two and a half months later, I'm going to go to L.A. The furthest I've ever been before is San Antonio. With the exception of Washington D.C. and Indianapolis, I've barely even left the South before. Indianapolis isn't really that far North of the Mason Dixon line because they still serve sweet tea in thier Cracker Barrels, and Washington doesn't even know if it is in Virginia or Maryland anyways.

The Niagara thing came about because of a freak occurance, really. I was acting the fool with some friends and was told about it in passing from one of them. Our Student Government Association is going to take everyone who wants to go to see our hockey team play Niagara University, which accounts for it, I suppose. Honestly, I don't care too much for the game, even though I like hockey. I'm just going to be going somewhere I hadn't been before. And oh my goodness, can you imagine how cold it will be there in the middle of January? Crap!

Things are nuts otherwise right now. It'll be fine as soon as next week when I am finished with all of this finals mess.

Edit: I forgot to mention the 501st event I was lucky enough to be a part of this past weekend. You may have noticed some of the pictures I have in my Flickr account, which should tell enough. One of the other guys who was there posted his pictures here if you'd like to take a look.