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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coming in Two Weeks...Venice Beach!

Venice Beach
Originally uploaded by agincourtjim.
If you had told me sometime in the past two years that I'd get to go to Los Angeles for free... Well, I'd likely believe you, but it would still thrill the crap outta me.

I'm not all that sure yet about what I'll get to do, as the itenerary for the convention we're attending won't actually be given to us until we actually get there. But I'm sure I'll have time to see stuff like this. Or I'll make it.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Let me calmly take you into a rant that I'm likely about to go on. I'll tell you that I am a devout lover of Nintendo. I've owned a variant of some type of every system they've ever produced aside from the Nintendo DS. And I'll likely own one of those before all is said and done. Also, I've loved every piece of hardware and software I've ever purchased from them. I do research my purchases, and avoid crap. But I've been very happy from everything that has thier gold seal affixed to it. Even after thier heyday of the NES and Super Nintendo. I even loved the N64. Playing games like Goldeneye and Ocarina of Time are forever tattoed in my memory.

However, they are beginning to take a path that I don't want to follow.

I love the Nintendo Revolution and the possibilities that it affords. It's capable of wonderful things and engrossing games, and doing so in a new environment that will make all else feel outdated. However, following recent debacles by Nintendo, it's quite possible it will not do this. The Gamecube did not live up to what it could have done. There's no excuse for games such as Smash Brothers or Mario Kart to not be online. There's no excuse for the virtual non-existance of games for the system right now. There's no excuse for the system to have not had a killer-app game since Wind Waker. Instead of focusing on new types of games and new ways of satisfying consumers, they follow the almighty dollar (from thier point of view) and make a million different Mario Party and Mario Sports games. With all that development time and money, a true Mario game and new Zelda game could have been out by now.

It seems doubtful that Nintendo will fully realize the potential of the wonderful machine they've envisioned. At least citing the past few years. There are certain things the company has to do right now. First of all, the new Zelda game needs to come out. Soon. And be damn good. There had better be a good reason we havn't gotten that in the past year. It had better deliver. The Revolution needs to be what it is promised to be and then some. It better be online, it better have great games, it better show us a new fun way to play. And it can. But whether or not Nintendo chooses to actually do it is another thing.

I love you, Nintendo. You've been one of the few constants in my life ever since I was around four years old. Don't force me to outgrow you and force me to lose one of the last true great things from my childhood. Please come back to me. I will take good care of you, I promise.

Marshmallow Cars

Marshmallow Cars
Originally uploaded by MeghanNYC.
This is soo cool.

I wish we had gotten some snow like this. Actually, if we had, I shudder to think how the locals would have handled it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's Going On

I should probably stop with all of the silly geeky observations and actually make some mention about things that are going on with me right now. I don't mind making those sorts of posts at all, but I do want this thing to keep some sort of direction.

Thing is, it's just the same old same old. I'm taking twelve credit hours and am working twenty hours a week, along with still applying for the title of Renaissance Man. And really, that's the fun stuff that keeps me going. That would include organizing events in my university apartments, captianing a intramural dodgeball team, scheduling speakers for the NMC, helping out with a new podcast on campus, doing a campaign site for Governor Siegleman, and on and on. And I don't want to come across as smarmy in listing all that, it's just motivating to know that I'm actually getting all that done in addition to school and work.

Last semester, all this would have had me kill myself by now due to stress. But I think I've grown since then, since obviously I havn't. Yet.

On a related note, I think I am going to buy some hosting and a domain pretty soon. I'm going to be graduating college in around a year and I'd really like to show off the fruits of my labors to prospective employers. As well as just have a cool site. I may be moving all of this there relatively soon. Or as soon as I get many of those things crossed off the list.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This was my favorite of the Super Bowl commercials.

Actually, I love all those commercials. Especially the one's that play during the baseball playoffs.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Important Issue

I'll have an opinion piece in The Exponent next week which I think is very important. I just turned it in and wanted to give sort of a preview of it here. I think this is potentially critically important issue that will play a bigger and bigger role in the next few years.

Personally, I am very middle of the road concerning these sorts of subjects. I am honestly against such ideas as homosexuality and moral looseness in general, but try to remain tolerant and open. Also, I think much debate over such instances in entertainment options is just insane. It's simply entertainment, not real life.

Anyways, here's a bit of it...

    Three weeks ago, NBC cancelled its new comedy/drama, “The Book of Daniel”, which followed an Episcopal priest and his dysfunctional family. Reviews from professional critics praised the quality of the show, but outcries from parties offended by the subject material said otherwise. On January 6th, The Huntsville Times reported that local affiliate WAFF had received “hundreds” of phone calls and emails from viewers protesting the show. NBC cited low ratings for the demise of the show, but it is highly unlikely that ratings are the only reason. The Huntsville Times reported in the same article that stations in Little Rock, Arkansas as well as Terry Haute, Indiana pulled the show due to content.

    Similarly, the film “Brokeback Mountain” has caused much controversy. The Oscar contending movie, about a secret relationship between two cowboys over the course of their lives, has only recently begun to screen in Huntsville after having been released since early December. Conversely, the film has been banned in various theaters throughout the country, most notably in Utah, where theater owners and other critics are seemingly making moral choices for everyone.

    Such is also the case with Florida lawyer Jack Johnson who has recently made headlines by essentially declaring a crusade against video games and those who play them. His extremity in his cause has even led for him to demand in a letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer that all copies of certain video games be seized and destroyed. What’s next? Burning copies of Catcher in the Rye or Robison Crusoe?

    Ultimately, these sorts of events beg a certain question. How much prominence does the morals and standards of particular sects of society hold over others? Or phrased otherwise, what gives these groups the audacity to choose what is and isn’t “appropriate” for the rest of society which may or may not agree with their particular belief system? Morals and standards are certainly something to be respected and strived for, but are not generally principles which ideally should be forced upon vast populations due to the beliefs of specific sections of them.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I like making obscure observations about things that have no bearing, as you'll soon see if you frequently read here from me. For instance, I realized today that I've seen or personally met someone from each of the six Star Wars films.

The Phantom Menace - Ray Park, Anthony Daniels, Michonne Bourriague
Attack of the Clones - Hayden Christensen, Anthony Daniels, Daniel Logan, Jay Laga'aia, Mary Oyaya, Zachariah Jensen
Revenge of the Sith - Hayden Christensen, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Jay Laga'aia, Zachariah Jensen
Star Wars - Garrick Hagon, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels
Empire Strikes Back - Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Ian Liston
Return of the Jedi - Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Warrick Davis

Of course, I'm able to slightly cheat because many of the actors are in multiple films. As for specifically "met", I don't really like to classify that as having simply seen them or asked them a panel question at Celebration II or III. More in the way of actually having sat down and talked with them for more than five minutes. And in that case, the list would include Anthony Daniels, Michonne Bourriague, Mary Oyaya, Garrick Hagon and Ian Liston.

On that thought, Garrick Hagon (Biggs) and Ian Liston (Janson) are two of the coolest guys I've ever met. You'd think that "secondary" players such as themselves would become tired of sometimes-compulsive fans and repetitive conventions. Instead, they insisted that we sit down and talk with them for a while.

My friends and I once made fun of Biggs for going down like a pansy, but no more.