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Friday, June 30, 2006


One thing that has been bugging me lately is the realization of how business-oriented and corporate nearly every aspect of life is these days. What is more bothersome is everyone's ignorance of that fact and their unwillingness to really realize it or do anything about it.

A good example is an incident today. But before we get to that, let's go through some background information.

I recently signed up on MySpace, despite my initial reluctance to do so. I don't really care for the design or idea of the site, but its usefulness is outweighing its stupidity in a few ways, especially being able to keep up with good friends. I likely wouldn't be able to do so in the same degree without it. Of course, the evil empire of Rupert Murdoch owns MySpace. If you are keeping score at home, the same organization of Fox Sports, FSN, and Fox News. Which really makes it "HisSpace", meaning everything that you are seeing is the result of a boardroom decision. It isn't so that you can talk with your friends or make new ones, it's so that you will buy what they tell you and do what they tell you in the manner that you tell you. Of course, I choose to ignore this aspect because I'm able to talk with my friends at home. I endure this evil for the greater good.

Out of sheer curiosity, I checked out a page for the late Johnny Cash. It seemed disrespectful of the label and News Corporation to exploit a dead man's career, and I left my two cents. Mere minutes later, I found that I had two private messages from a few fourteen year olds explaining deep and significant thoughts.

"OMG, Ic4n't belEVE You DSS Jhnny CSH like dat. You R teh SUCK!"

...it's like a fish obediently jumping onto the bait. What scares me isn't the sort of marketing that is being pushed on our society, but the willingness to take it out of the spoon that is being fed to them.

Even Johnny Wouldn't Have Had This

That's possibly the best center field dive I've ever seen. I can't remember even Andrew taking a dive like that. He probably has, but it certainly isn't in my memory.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dad and Baseball

It really sucks to be a Braves fan right now. Whenever you think about the club, there's a sense of dread and depression hanging above your head. I'm not ready to give up on them yet because the team has pulled off some insane stuff in the past, and I probably won't give up on them until it's entirely mathematically impossible for them to even win the Wild Card. The Red Sox are my other favorite MLB team, and having followed them for around six or seven years, I've learned how to be a hard-headed and stubborn fan. Even when it looks as bad as it could get, you still stick it out. That's just how it's done.

Since Father's Day fell on the same weekend that I caught a game at The Ted, I started to think about how my Dad passed the Braves on to me. It's sort of like Star Wars. I remember always seeing both those films and Braves games, but I really couldn't tell you when the first time I saw either was. I can't remember a time when there wasn't either, they've been two constants in my life, and my Dad gave me both. Sharla asked me while we were waiting in line if I'd pass the Braves on to my eventual kids someday. Sure I will. I think it's one of the greatest things I could give them. Whether they play good baseball or suck like they do right now, they're ours. And they know we are thiers. The club and the front office care for thier fans like no other professional sports organization I can think of. It's a wonderful mutual relationship. Right now, I'm reading 'Faithful' by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan. O'Nan says that one day his Dad slapped a Red Sox cap on his head and told him "they ain't much, but they're all we've got."

In the meantime, I'll continue to stick it out with the Braves. I'll be depressed for a while if they completely fall out, but I won't shed a tear. They've pulled off stuff in the past to be proud of, and I'm sure they will in the future. With this sort of thing, it really isn't just winning or losing.

Although winning would be nice.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Speaking of Huntsville

..it occured to me that I wanted to post more pictures in this blog. Flickr is still cool, but I'm getting near to filling up my capacity, and I'm not really convinced to pay twenty dollars a year for it just yet. Using Facebook to put my pictures online is a lot more practical since space is limitless and it gets the pictures out to more of my friends than Flickr does.

So yeah, speaking of Huntsville, I am glad that this is all I can see out my front door.

The tree hides the ugliness beyond.

Huntsville Gets Props!

Since I've been living in Huntsville, I have yet to be really impressed with the town. The popular joke is that to really make it in Huntsville, you either have to have an Engineering degree or sell crack. Seriously. It's either $200,000 houses, or the ghetto. There is no middle ground.

However, The Colbert Report recently gave Huntsville some props for a version of economic stimuli other than engineering missles that kill people.

I may learn to like the town yet.